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Conveniently Located at 1204 E Morrow Dr., Phoenix, Arizona 85024 (602) 384-4417
(at Union Hills & 12th St)

Dr. Edgington's books:

The Abusive Wife

The Beauty of Biblical Meditation

Pornography Is a Murderer

Romancing Your Savior and Your Spouse   NEW!

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Training, Teaching, and Seminars


God ordained and created marriage to be a joyous celebration that is to be reflective of the relationship between Jesus Christ and His Church. Our marriages need to be gospel-centered to display this beautiful majesty of marriage that God intends.

This is a Friday evening & half day Saturday seminar that will help to instill this God-centered, biblical view of marriage. A variety of topics will be covered that are the most needed areas to address so that this kind of God-glorifying marriage can be cultivated. These include:

Friday evening message, “The Majesty of Marriage”

This lays out the proper roles of the husband and wife in the marriage relationship – this will be a key to the rest of the talks that are given.


  • ”Resolving Conflict” (Matthew 7:1-5 and Galatians 6:1-5)
  • ”Heartfelt Forgiveness” (20 areas that are crucial to forgiving others)
  • ”Parenting as a Stewardship From God” (Being a good and godly parent)
  • ”The Sexual Beauty of Marriage” (How to Improve the Sexual Relationship)
  • ”Romance is Not Foreplay” (Romance in the marriage)
  • All sessions will be presented with PowerPoint (Keynote) presentation
  • Plenty of time for Q & A after each session
  • We provide all handouts including a bound booklet with over 30 pages of notes
  • Friday, 6:00 PM to 9 PM and Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM


"I have known Dr. David Edgington for a number of years and have come to respect his pastoral insights, concerns, and biblical knowledge. When our church invited him to come and present his 'Majesty of Marriage' Seminar, therefore, I was expecting good things. However, Dr. Edgington wonderfully and abundantly exceeded my expectations. Simply put, this is the best marriage seminar I have attended (and I've been to several very good ones). The teaching is solidly Christ-centred and grounded in God's infallible word while interspersed with appropriate illustrations from his vast experience of biblical counseling. Moreover, he adds warmth, charm, and good humour to his teaching so there is never a dry moment nor do the hours ever seem to drag on and on. Sensitive issues are dealt with faithfully and masterfully. Whether your marriage is struggling and hanging on by a bare thread, or if it is strong and vibrant, there is plenty here to grow by, to be encouraged by, and to gain hope by. Since we are so accustomed to a rating system, and if you are expecting such things, then I would give this seminar a five out of four stars!

Pastor Michael Babcock, Calvin Presbyterian Church (OPC), Phoenix, AZ

"Dr. David Edgington recently conducted a weekend seminar at our church entitled, 'The Majesty of Marriage'. It was, without a doubt, the most comprehensive and intensely practical teaching on the Biblical pattern for marriage I have ever encountered. His emphasis on the centrality of forgiveness was especially pertinent. I have been very encouraged to hear people in our church continuing to discuss the conference material. We hope to have Dr. Edgington return soon."

Pastor Shelby Moon, Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA), Alamogordo, NM

Our church family has had its share of marriage stress and trials. We were very thankful to be able to host the "Majesty of Marriage" seminar led by Dr. Edgington. The topics covered were timely and totally grounded in Scripture. It is so important to be thinking biblically since it is this and NOT pop psychology that sanctifies us and builds us up in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank the Lord for Compassionate Counselors and this excellent and very helpful siminar.

Pastor Bill Phillips Fellowship of Grace (PCA), Peoria, AZ


(No seminars are currently scheduled - check back periodically for updates)

Where :
Compassionate Counselors Office
1204 E Morrow Dr.,
Phoenix, AZ 85024

Call for Further Information:
(602) 384-4417

Mail to:
Compassionate Counselors, Inc.
1204 E Morrow Dr.,
Phoenix, AZ 85024

Can you come to our church to speak?

Absolutely. We would be honored to minister in your fellowship. We can do men’s retreats, or men’s breakfasts. We would love to speak to your group about issues related to biblical counseling and possibly “jump start” some ministry in your church. We also do training for biblical counseling.

Does CCI do training for biblical counseling?

It would be our joy. We can do special seminars on particular topics (i.e. “Depression” or “Anxiety” or “Parenting,” but also we can do extensive training for laymen in the church over a Friday evening and Saturday morning. We have done 14 week training in a Bible College , and can do workshops on Saturday mornings. We can even customize our seminars to particular issues for your congregation. We would love to minister the Word of God to you. Contact us and we will discuss the options together. We also are available for other various speaking venues.
Please contact us to make arrangements!

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